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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention,
sincere effort, direction and skilled execution.
It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Since established in May 4, 1995, Spyder's Empire, Inc.® has been the sole power &  creative force behind the following successful and original  productions:
The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal The Phenomenal Women Of The Web®®

Established 1997 - the Phenomenal Women Of The Web® -® is an exclusive membership of women with outstanding websites with thousands of participating members. Divisions of interest include the Against Domestic Violence site, Breast Cancer Awareness Network, Women's Resource Network, Women's Health Network, the GoodWill Seals, the Positive Affirmation & Statement Seals, Pillow~Notes™, the Postcard Shop, the Stop Internet Plagiarism site, the Artistic Expression Seal, and many different webrings of varying interests for both members and the general public to participate in. The Showcase - the official magazine of If you do not maintain  website - you can still become a member of without websites and be listed within Banner advertising is available within all or selected divisions.

Spyder's Poetry Empire®

Since it's debut in 1996, SPE has become of the biggest and most popular poetry/writing forums on the internet today with hundreds of thousands of posts consisting of various forms of poetry and writing. It a completely FREE website. There are separate "Empires" of writing to allow people to post, read and enjoy the flavor of their choice. They include: general poetry/writing, ANGST, romance, haiku, lyrics, sci-fi, just for kids, critique, Elite and even a poetry/writing Workshoppe. Writers may leave a profile of themselves for other to read. There is a bulletin board for the writers to communicate with one another and a Graffiti Empire to just rant. Empire:Erotica is a place to post erotic writings - with strict criteria for admittance along with a username and password to gain access to the forum; thus keeping such writing away from unsuspecting passersby who might be sensitive to the material. No one can idly surf into Empire:Erotica. If you are looking to publish your poetry online - or just enjoy reading - this is the place for you. Banner advertising is available within all or selected divisions.

Empire:ZINE® - a writers cookbook

E:Z is just that... a writers cookbook. Detailed and in-depth biographies of published authors, supplying the right information - uniquely presented - and most importantly - easy to maneuver within the Zine. Many authors that are profiled have discussion forums to interact with other people viewing the site. Bits and pieces of writing information, how to's, recipes for better writing, a workshoppe, you can even publish a FREE Chapbook online. Banner advertising is available within all or selected divisions.

Official Seal®

Phenomenal Diva is an organization and webring of women from all over the world. To be a part of this ring, all you have to do is be a woman - you don't even have to own a website! The women that comprise do not have any criteria to meet—just the fact that you are a woman is plenty! Membership is free - come join us.

Phenomenal Tools - Pass It On Phenomenal Tools® - 
Pass It On Program

Simply put - it's a FREE way to have your site promote itself! You've worked very hard getting your site built - it's time to let people viewing your site to Pass It On by telling their family, friends, colleagues about the super site that you have! Many styles to choose from.


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The Phenomenal Men Of The Web®

The Phenomenal Men Of The Web® -® is an exclusive membership of men with outstanding websites. Divisions of interest include Artistic Expression Seal, and the official webring of Banner advertising is available.

Marylin MonroeAn In Depth Pictorial Of

A Wide Variety of Poses In Casual, Film, Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie, settings. Over 70 photos.

Sophia LorenThe Epitome Of Woman...

In depth pictorial, biography and filmography.

Spyder's Empire presents RollerCoaster TycoonSpyder's Empire, Inc. presents:

Tracks to download for you to use with the popular computer game RollerCoaster Tycoon® by HasbroTM.

~The Sounds Of Sanity~
Would you like to hear nice music as you surf the net? Music that
YOU want to hear! Your choice of over 350 different songs to listen to. including 100 Beatle midi's. Bookmark it once there for future reference no matter where you go on the internet. || Enter ||

Jackson Browne
Words and music of

The complete discography. All lyrics, album covers & photos.

Depeche Mode
Words and music of
The complete discography.

Listed by album and individual songs. Over 50 Midi's to download and listen while you surf. DM Fonts.


Wav files, images to color, all about Van Partiable.

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